Beauty shall set us Free

Cloudy Mountain

Mountains are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful creations of nature.

Unlike busy cities, mountains are raw, innocent, majestic, attractive, calm, peaceful, unknown.

Moreover, despite being close to the heavens, mountains nonetheless carry the unmistakeable beauty of this world — the white of snow, the green of forests, the blue of rivers, the sweet of wild fruits…

Finally, albeit distanced from us, mountains still remain reachable and open to those willing to explore.

In this way, mountains exemplify part of the creative process: the willingness to journey into the unknown, away from the comfort zone, and frequently in complete solitude.

Even the spiritual aftereffects of the resulting contact with the beauty of nature are akin to those experienced by creators of all stripes.

But enough with the words.

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It’s winter season and Europe is once again steeped in coldness.

So, naturally, we all turn to a our favorite hot beverage. In my case, tea.

But tea is more than a way to warm one’s body.

Indeed, as the photos below and cultures throughout the world show, tea can form the foundation for grand ceremonies delicately infused with beauty.

So, sit down and allow yourself to appreciate the beauty of the shared cultural phenomenon that tea represents.


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My family loves flowers.

In my childhood my mom used to plant many in our garden. At first, I did not pay much attention to them. However, once I did, their beauty was hard to ignore. 

Indeed, flowers are one of the most beautiful things in nature.

So, my goal with the “Beauty shall set us free” series being the promotion of beauty, I decided to collect a few photos from the internet of bright flowers and tree blossoms.

They are all full of color and beauty. I hope they make your day be a bit more pleasant and full of joy.

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Sometimes I find that I all I need to brighten my day is just a dose of beauty. So, I decided to start a series of posts with pictures/music/performances/etc that I feel demonstrate the beauty inherent to life.

For today, I chose the topic of snow.

For me, snow is a symbol of winter and brings back many childhood memories. It  also has a very alluring side to it, especially when combined with the green of fir trees or the light blue of the winter skies. Snow is thus a great way to kick start a series dedicated to finding beauty in life. Continue reading Snow

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